11-Year Old Boy Kills Himself After Being Disciplined 1

11-Year Old Boy Kills Himself After Being Disciplined

Pandemonium struck in the family of an 11-year-old boy after he reportedly killed himself few days ago in Delta.

Based on information gathered, the tragic incident created chaos has residents were left in shock, as it happened at Kingdom Hall Road, Ugberikoko Road, Sapele area of the state.

The young boy identified as Efe Akori, has on several occasions allegedly made death threats, that he will kill himself each time he is being disciplined


Report has it that few days ago the father flogged him after he misbehaved as usual.

Shockingly, after everyone had left home, Efe was said to have taken a skipping rope to an abandoned store in their 3 bedroom apartment and hung himself to death.

His elder brother who returned home before everyone else – saw him struggling for life and choking to death.

The brother was said to have horridly cut off the rope, but unfortunately, the boy died few minutes later.

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