"I Can’t Sleep Properly" - Toilet Digger Says After Shocking Discovery 1
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“I Can’t Sleep Properly” – Toilet Digger Says After Shocking Discovery

A man has been reeling in shock after he made a terrifying discovery while digging the depth of the earth on a job as a pit toilet digger.

The 44-year-old South African identified as John Mathabela fends for his needs from digging pit toilets because of his inability to secure a good job.

He informed Daily Sun he got the shock of his life on Thursday while digging at the home in Lethabong, Tshwane, South Africa.

He said he couldn’t sleep properly after making the discovery.

“I almost collapsed when I found the bones while digging.

“I’m still shocked and afraid because I don’t know who they belonged to.”

"I Can’t Sleep Properly" - Toilet Digger Says After Shocking Discovery 2


According to him, he said he needed a powerful native doctor to cleanse him of the bad luck the shocking discovery had left him with.

He said he’d often heard about people making such shocking discoveries but never thought it could happen to him.

Neighbour Peter Mahlangu (22) said everyone in the area was shocked to see the bones.

“We don’t know if there were old graves in the area, or if someone was buried there.

“We’ve been living here since 2010,” he said

Constable Yeroboam Mbatsane said the incident was reported to the cops.

The bones were taken by the forensic team for testing. We will open an inquest docket,” he said.

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