Drama As University Student Crucifies Rat For "Eating His Pet" 1
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Drama As University Student Crucifies Rat For “Eating His Pet”

A very angry university student asserted vengeance on a rat that had apparently eaten his pet turtle by crucifying it on a cross.

Viral online pictures showing the rodent being tied to the wooden cross with its front legs either side of its carcass and displayed on the university’s campus have emerged online.

The incident has caused widespread anger on the Chinese social media platform with users expressing their outrage over the cruel treatment towards the animal.

The incident happened at Guangxi Arts Institute in Nanning, capital of China’s southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on January 6, according to posts on Twitter-like Weibo.


Student Crucifies A Rat


One post said on Sunday that the tied-up rat was publicly shamed next to a pond on campus.

Another post claimed on Monday that the rodent was displayed for one day before being burnt.

It remains unclear whether or not the rat was alive while being burnt.

A university spokesman confirmed the online claims to Chinese news site btime.com.

The spokesman said the rat had eaten a student’s pet turtle. 

He added:

‘[The rat’s remains] have been dealt with. We have brought him in for a talk. We’ve criticised him for the poor behaviour.’

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