Firefighter Sets Building On Fire To Propose To His Girlfriend 1

Firefighter Sets Building On Fire To Propose To His Girlfriend

A woman thought her house was on fire when smoke filled the attic and garage but this rapidly turned into and unforgettable moment for her.

In reality, it was an elaborate prank staged by her firefighter boyfriend of seven years, Zach to propose to her

firefighter proposes to girlfriend

Based on information by Huffpost, Zach Steele and his fiancée, Maddison Ridgik of Ventura, California had been sharing the same house and preparing to host a holiday party when he staged the prank.

He told Inside Edition that:

Originally I got one smoke machine. I went to test it and there was barely any smoke. One was not going to work, so I had to get more smoke machines.”

If one was not enough to create the scene for the proposal did it have to be six straight away?

Zach used six machines for the prank and all of them put together emitted a frightening smoke, causing a serious panic in Maddison.

Interestingly, reported that the lady’s mother who was a party to the prank planning placed a fake call to 911 emergency service, which also gave the signal to Steele and a few of his colleagues to report to the scene in their firefighting gear.

The ignorant Maddison said:

“I was so confused and I honestly could not sort through my emotions enough to really comprehend what was happening.”

While she was in a state of shock trying to figure out what exactly could be going on, her firefighter boyfriend reached for his oxygen mask, pretending to be readying to put off the ‘fire’.

He then unexpectedly went down on his knee while wearing his firefighting gear with a fire extinguisher on his back, before asking whether Maddison would marry him.

The surprised but equally excited lady is quoted as saying:

It is reported that information on their ‘’ page suggest that they intend to formalise the relationship on March 30 in Ojai.

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