The ‘new’ LG G7 Fit is already on sale at up to $170 off its list price – Phone Arena

The ‘new’ LG G7 Fit is already on sale at up to $170 off its list price – Phone Arena

Despite what the name suggests, the

LG G7 Fit

is a (relatively) new phone… with a fairly old processor under the hood. This mixed bag was

formally unveiled

several months after the high-end

G7 ThinQ

, but even though its

global rollout kicked off last fall

, we had to wait for the

G8 ThinQ

to be released before the

G7 Fit finally saw daylight stateside


All those

killer G7 ThinQ deals

severely damaged the appeal of the LG G7 Fit too, at least at a starting price of $429.99. But as teased from the get-go by Best Buy, the handset’s exclusive US retailer, discounts are now available with carrier activations. These are even heftier than initially expected, slashing up to $170 off the phone’s aforementioned list price. 

At $259.99, this delivers a very interesting value proposition, but in order to save the full 170 bucks, you need to be willing to activate the G7 Fit right off the bat on Sprint with a new line of service or a new account altogether. Meanwhile, upgrading Sprint customers are being charged $329.99 at the time of this writing after a decent $100 price cut of their own, with both AT&T and Verizon activations eligible for a $130 discount bringing the handset down from $429.99 to $309.99. Keep in mind that upgrades are not available for AT&T subscribers at that price, while the Verizon markdown is valid for new lines, new accounts, and upgrading customers.

Best Buy’s first batch of LG G7 Fit deals should definitely help the notched 6.1-incher better compete against the likes of the

Sony Xperia 10 Plus


Moto G7

, which are currently available starting at $330 and $200 respectively with their own activation discounts. Although the chipset powering the G7 Fit is somewhat outdated, its capabilities still surpass those of the Snapdragon 636 and 632 found inside the two aforementioned rival devices.

The LG G7 Fit also packs a generous 4 gigs of RAM while looking about as premium on the outside as its ThinQ-branded sibling. Of course, the 3,000 mAh battery, single 16MP rear-facing camera, and Android 8.1 Oreo software seem a little underwhelming, but there’s obviously no such thing as a flawless sub-$400 phone. And by the way, even if you don’t activate this right away, you’re entitled to a $70 discount from Best Buy bringing the unlocked price down to $359.99.

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