Microsoft’s April patches seem to be slowing down Windows – The INQUIRER

Microsoft’s April patches seem to be slowing down Windows – The INQUIRER

Microsoft's April patches seem to be slowing down Windows

Windows 10 is the only game in town – so pray it works

MICROSOFT IS facing accusations of borkage after users found that the April 2019 updates to Windows are having an adverse effect of system performance.

Both Windows 7 and Windows 10 have been impacted by the problem which seems to stem from what veteran users would call the ‘Patch Tuesday’ bundle, released last week.

The problem compounds issues with certain anti-malware packages including Sophos, Avast, McAfee and Avira which had been causing systems to slow down or freeze up altogether following the update.

According to Bleeping Computer, there are multiple reports of slow boot, lag, disc-overspin, long latency, and issues with streaming. We’ve experienced it ourselves with some significantly slower reaction times on processes that last week were zipping along.

The complaint which has been echoed repeatedly on both Twitter and Reddit seems to be widespread, and whilst it’s not enough to stop the computer being useful, its enough to annoy people whose hardware should deliver much better Windows performance.

The cause of the problem appears to be related to Windows Defender. Not for the first time, an update has stopped Defender from bowing out when a third-party program tries to do the same job. Two anti-malware packages are going to conflict and when that happens, slowness is the obvious result.

Microsoft is yet to even confirm the problem exists, however, a support page from AV maker Avira suggests that Windows 10 users should remove KB4493509 and for Windows 7, KB4493472 and KB4493448.

We can only assume that Windows 8.1 users aren’t mentioned because it’s quicker to go round to the remaining ones and tell them in person.

This sort of sloppiness is exactly the sort of thing that Microsoft doesn’t need right now. After the debacle that was Build 1809 of Windows, the company has put the forthcoming May Update to Windows (a full build, as opposed to these patches) into testing for a full month to avoid it happening again. Except…. well… this. μ

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