Lab scientists decry high burden of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases – Guardian

Lab scientists decry high burden of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases – Guardian

The Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN) has urged the Federal Government to take concrete measures to address the growing burden of diabetes, cardiovascular and other non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the country.It also called for a legislative and policy framework to promote investments in biomedical science research and development.

Chairman of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) branch of the association, Pastor Joseph David, during a medical outreach to Karamajiji village to mark this year’s World Biomedical Laboratory Science Day in Abuja, noted that NCDs had become major public health concerns nationwide and the world at large.

He observed that diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory ailments represent 46 per cent of the global burden of diseases, killing 35 million yearly.

David stated that an estimated 80 per cent of NCD deaths occur in low and middle income countries, adding that the World Health Organisation (WHO) had projected the casualty figures to increase by 17 per cent over the next 10 years.According to him, addressing NCDs in Nigeria was a multi-professional challenge with numerous implications.He pointed out that the brain drain in the health sector could not be addressed without budgetary commitments from government. The body later offered free malaria, blood sugar, Hepatitis B, C screenings to over 100 residents.

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