‘Crypto’ Movie Gets Panned Both by Critics and Bitcoin Enthusiasts – U.Today

‘Crypto’ Movie Gets Panned Both by Critics and Bitcoin Enthusiasts – U.Today

‘Crypto’ Movie Gets Panned Both by Critics and Bitcoin Enthusiasts

The new ‘Crypto’ movie, which shoehorns Bitcoin, heavily tattooed Russian mafia and Kurt Russell into its 105 minute running time, isn’t likely to become the critic’s darling. After premiering on Apr. 12, it amassed only a few reviews, but it already seems like neither experts nor ordinary moviegoers were pleased with Hollywood’s foray into cryptocurrencies.

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‘Crypto’ didn’t go well with movie critics   

The very first big-budget cryptocurrency movie, which also stars Luke Hemsworth and Alexis Bledel, didn’t generate much hype. At the time of writing this article, there are only three reviews from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. To put this into perspective, ‘A Star Is Born’, the most reviews movie of 2018, has nearly 500 reviews.

2/3 critics who’ve already shared their take on the Bitcoin movie actually trashed it. Noel Murray from Los Angeles Times claims that the characters have been ‘copied and pasted.’ Meanwhile, Peter Sobczynski from eFilmCritic.com had even more scathing words:

A plot that is so generic and devoid of surprise that you keep half-hoping that it is trying to lull you into some state of complacency before going full-tilt gonzo.

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The audience didn’t like it either  

On Rotten Tomatoes, the audience score of the movie is at 50 percent, which means that half of the viewers gave it less than 3.5 stars. With approximately 250 votes, it also has an IMDb rating of 5/10.

Many crypto enthusiasts were also disappointed by the fact that Hollywood painted crypto in a bad light, linking Bitcoin to money laundering and bad actors. Moreover, they erased XRP from the list of top coins by market capitalization that didn’t bode well with the #XRPArmy.

Screenshot from the new movie Cryptohttps://t.co/HD5koXEdUG

Not even Hollywood can says its name 😎#XRP pic.twitter.com/0DhFuHDlOP

— XRPDeist (@DeistXrp) April 14, 2019

Still, there is always a silver lining. 

#Crypto the Movie

Is centered around crypto being involved w/ Money Laundering, crime & bad actors

Yet they “erased” #xrp from the mrkt cap image and $xrp isnt mentioned!

Some are mad about this but i say thats a win

XRP is the most law abiding digital asset! #xrpcommunity pic.twitter.com/l4GXtk3XFh

— Shawn Schaeffer🦂 (@ShawnSchaeffe10) April 16, 2019

“Vintage film camera is on duty” image by 123rf

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