Mysterious device teased by Nvidia, MSI, and Asus sends Twitter users into speculation meltdown –

Mysterious device teased by Nvidia, MSI, and Asus sends Twitter users into speculation meltdown –

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Nvidia, MSI, and Asus seem to be teasing a new product via Twitter accounts operated by departments in the respective companies. The very short video clip can currently be found on the accounts for Nvidia GeForce, MSI Gaming, and ROG Global – so clearly it is related to something that gamers would be excited about. Unsurprisingly, there has been an ensuing flood of speculation, which has thrown up some interesting ideas.

A quick glance and you could safely presume it was a thin and light laptop on show – perhaps even a potential Nvidia Shield laptop. There has also been mention that the device could be a foldable tablet with a dual display or even a dual display laptop. After all, there is no keyboard on show, and the way the device is opened does suggest it could feature more than one display – but this might also be deliberate misdirection to further confuse and tease those interested.

A suggestion of a GeForce 16-series laptop that could feature either a mobile GeForce GTX 1650 graphics solution or a GTX 1660 Ti GPU is feasible, but that would hardly be surprising news. Also, this doesn’t entirely explain why MSI and Asus are also sharing the same teaser. Of course, both MSI and Asus are AIB partners of Nvidia, but the same mysterious clip doesn’t seem to appear on other AIB partner Twitter accounts, like those for ZOTAC and Gigabyte Aorus.

The Nvidia GeForce account seems to have been the first one to post the video, and the green lighting effect certainly lends itself well to Nvidia’s well-known preferred color scheme. Whatever the device is, it’s very thin, it looks like it could have multiple displays, and if it is a laptop then it needs to have some sort of ingenious cooling solution installed. Or maybe Nvidia is simply teasing a new mobile GPU and the “device” in the clip is nothing more than a beautiful computer render.

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