next Malaria: Reckitt Benkiser wants more policies, interventions – TVC News

next Malaria: Reckitt Benkiser wants more policies, interventions – TVC News

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Reckitt Benkiser, producers of one of the leading insecticides, Mortein, has called for more policies and interventions that will help create awareness

towards reducing the high burden of malaria in Nigeria.

Marketing Director of the company, Aliza Leferink, made this appeal at a world press conference organised to commemorate the World Malaria Day in Abuja.

Kemi Balogun reports that the 25th of April every year is world malaria day and in Nigeria, the malaria burden underscores the need for more interventions and commitment by government, funding partners and experts.

According to the world malaria report, Nigeria still accounts for 25 percent of the global malaria burden and 19 percent of deaths from malaria.

In 2015 the Nigeria Malaria Indicator Survey showed a remarkable reduction in the malaria prevalence from 42 percent to 27 percent which resulted from a strong commitment by government and partners.

With these statistics, more public awareness for hands on interventions, is needed. This is the reason why Reckitt Benkiser is keen on the theme, “zero malaria starts with me” to enlighten the public of reachable solutions to stemming the spread of malaria.

The minister of health Isaac Adewole said that the country is recording a steady reduction in the malaria burden.

Although Funding for malaria control has remained relatively stable since 2010, funding needs to be improved in order to achieve a reduction to at

least 40 percent in malaria cases and mortality rates globally, by the year 2020.

Other partners in the fight to curb the spread of malaria are also certain that an improvement in policies and interventions will go a long way to

reduce the country’s burden.

Nigerians have been advised to follow these simple steps in the fight against malaria.

To keep their environments clean, sleep inside a long lasting insecticidal net, to go for a test when coming down with a fever, and if positive treat it with Arteminsinin Based Combination Therapy (ACT).

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